Fake News, Ignorance, and Hypocrisy Are Everywhere while Objectivity Remains Missing in Action

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I don’t have a specific study or poll to support the claim in the headline but I am 99% certain that if there were an objective scientific method for measuring Americans’ relative ability to see the beam in their own eye versus the speck in others’, it would be at an all time low.


A few weeks ago Newsweek published a dopey piece by John Haltiwanger asking whether President Trump is obsessed with Hillary Clinton. His reason for asking the question was the number of tweets Trump posted containing the word “Hillary” since Election Day (38, in case you’re wondering).

The president has arguably spent an inordinate amount of time on social media attacking a person whom he defeated, leading to the question: Is Trump obsessed with Hillary Clinton?

What would be an ordinate amount of time? Anyone who lived through the 2016 election should know that there were a lot of unusual circumstances, like Clinton being under investigation by the FBI, etc. A lot of that remained in the news even after the election. Hillary’s ongoing blame game in which she identifies a laundry list of people at fault for her loss has also kept her in the discussion. I don’t think even Al Gore hung on this long after the recounts finally ended.

Since he’s been on Twitter, the president has tweeted about “Hillary” 819 times in total. Based on his tweets, the only person Trump might be more preoccupied with is former President Barack Obama, about whom Trump has sent 2,565 tweets, according to Trump Twitter Archive.

So a presidential candidate tweeted a lot about his opponent and about the previous president? Stop the presses!  It seems like Haltiwanger is obsessed with Trump’s Twitter habits. He at least cares about them to a greater degree than he cares about context and serious analysis.


You know who is really obsessed with Hillary Clinton since the election? Hillary Clinton. Trump may have tweeted about her 38 times, but she wrote a book and went on tour to whine about how unfair the election and the world in general is to her.

CNN’s always annoying Chris Cillizza wrote about a poll from which he concludes that “Americans know literally nothing about the Constitution.” I’d quibble with the absolute, but I’ll grant that Americans are pretty ignorant in general when it comes to government and the Constitution. Where Cillizza displays his obsession and lack of self awareness is in his sudden concern for such ignorance and how it empowers Washington at the expense of the people.

What we don’t know about the government — executive, legislative and judicial branches — is appalling. It’s funny — until you realize that lots and lots of people whose lives are directly affected by what the federal government does and doesn’t do have absolutely no idea about even the most basic principles of how this all works.

This was apparently never a problem during the eight years of Barack Obama’s presidency, or at least we never heard about it from CNN or Cillizza.

The level of civil ignorance in the country allows our politicians — and Donald Trump is the shining example of this — to make lowest common denominator appeals about what they will do (or won’t do) in office.

I’m no Trump fan but I can’t help but notice that Constitutional literacy was never an issue raised by CNN while Occupy Wall Street was demanding  an end to capitalism and tweeting about it from their iPhones and MacBooks. Barack Obama signed legislation requiring individuals to purchase a product chosen by the government and it was considered the height of racism to question its Constitutionality. Bernie Sanders ran around the country making promises of free college tuition and healthcare to roaring crowds and I dare say that no CNN pundit questioned the Constitutional literacy of either Sanders or his zealous throng of aging hippies and millennials.


Just this week CNN allowed Hillary Clinton to suggest that we need to move beyond the Electoral College and asked no follow up questions about the Constitutionality of doing so.  Judging from last night’s Emmy Awards, leftists in the entertainment industry still think jabs about the Constitutionally meaningless “popular vote” are clever and funny.

The federal government has been growing unchecked like a malignant tumor beyond its enumerated powers for more than a century to the delight of the left wing media, but now Donald Trump is the shining example of what happens when people don’t understand the Constitution. The bias could not be more asinine.

It’s not just on the Left that obsession and self awareness are severely out of balance. Despite Trump’s raucous pandering to the “deport them all ” crowd at every campaign stop, his call for codifying DACA, to many of those who cheered at his rallies, isn’t seen as a betrayal of his promises. Instead, the blame is shifted to Congressional Republicans.  Deals Trump made with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are the fault of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. Many who chanted “drain the swamp” celebrated Trump’s overtures to two of its most leftist ‘gators simply because it was an affront to “establishment” Republicans. The same people will often attack those from the NeverTrump camp for infighting.

I don’t know if Trump can be called a shining example of anything but during this time in which he rose to power there certainly seems to be a light shining on dishonesty and lack of objectivity across the political spectrum.  It’s hard to look at politics these days and not see it a shouting match between groups of self-propagandized people looking for scapegoats. That’s what it has always been to some extent but it never seemed quite so blatant as right now.



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