FAKE NEWS: NBC Actively Tries (and Fails) to Stir Discord Between Trump and Rubio


Whoever runs the NBC Politics Twitter feed was trying to create a story out of whole cloth by trying to stir discord between President Trump and Senator Marco Rubio. Sure, Rubio and Trump aren’t the best of friends but this is a great example of letting your narrative get ahead of reality. The President appeared with Senator Rubio while in Florida surveying the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.


Watch the video clip in the NBC Politics tweet.

Can you believe it? Trump said he hopes Rick Scott runs for Senate while Rubio was STANDING RIGHT THERE?

Oh snap, right?

Other left wing outlets like Raw Story ran with the tweet acting as if it was a sick burn.

The problem is that Rubio just won reelection in 2016 so he won’t have to face a challenge until 2022. If Florida Governor Rick Scott runs for the U.S. Senate, he’ll be facing off against Democrat Bill Nelson.

Fake news.


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