Trump is in Camp Pelosi on DACA Yet Both Left and Right Think Deportations Imminent


After a meeting with President Trump, his new BFF Nancy Pelosi told reporters that Trump indicated to her that he would sign the DREAM Act if Congress passed it. If true, that essentially reaffirms what he said to Congress in his tweet earlier this week.


“We made it very clear in the course of the conversation that the priority was to pass the DREAM Act, that we wanted to do it in – obviously it has to be bipartisan,” Pelosi told reporters. “The president said he would – he supports that. He would sign it.”

The DREAM Act is part of the the huge immigration divide among Republicans. Support for it is often enough to declare someone a RINO squish. Those who believed Donald Trump’s campaign promises almost certainly would be on the side calling the legislation “amnesty.” Trump signing the DREAM Act would be one of his biggest betrayals so far, but his base’s reaction to this news will probably be an interesting blend of denial and eleventeen dimensional chess theory.

Despite the far Left’s panic over hundreds of thousands of imminent deportations (and the Trumpkins’ jovial celebration of same), President Trump’s decision on DACA does not mean what they think it means. Trump demanded that Congress “legalize” DACA. That means he wants them to pass DACA legislation to replace the unconstitutional executive order Barack Obama issued, not get rid of DACA permanently. All the evidence shows that Trump  is in Pelosi’s camp but people across the political spectrum are reacting as if the opposite is true.


I wonder how many deals Trump can cut with Pelosi and Schumer before his tribe starts to abandon him.


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