Letter Discovered by Special Prosecutor Has Dems Salivating over Impeachment

Democrats have been shrieking about impeachment since before Donald Trump was even inaugurated but in a television appearance this week Representative Joaquín Castro (D-Texas) said they may have grounds to start impeachment proceedings soon.


If recent speculation about President Donald Trump’s motivation for firing FBI Director James Comey is true, it may be time for Congress to start impeachment proceedings. That’s according to Representative Joaquín Castro, a Texas Democrat who said as much in an interview with MSNBC Tuesday night.

Castro was speaking with host Ari Melber about the House Intelligence Committee’s ongoing investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. He first said that the committee’s job was to “get to the bottom” of the situation and “make recommendations to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.” Then he addressed a Friday New York Times report that claimed special counsel Robert Mueller—who’s in charge of a separate probe—had uncovered a draft of a letter Trump and adviser Stephen Miller wrote before terminating Comey in May.


Naturally you have to take all this with a grain of salt because 1) it was on MSNBC and 2) it was on MSNBC. There’s no doubt in my mind that Democrats will attempt impeachment at some point though if only to generate campaign talking points to smear the Republicans who vote against it.

The draft apparently included mentions of conversations between Trump and Comey in which the FBI director, after prompting by the president, assured Trump he wasn’t being investigated for potential contacts with the Kremlin. The White House counsel vetoed the memo, but critics raised concerns that Trump obstructed justice nonetheless by firing Comey because of concerns about the Russia investigation.

The biggest surprise here is that Maxine Waters didn’t lock Joaquin Castro in the trunk of her car so that she could be the one talking about potential impeachment proceedings.


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