Trump Demands Congress Act on DACA, Ann Coulter Hardest Hit

Earlier today, Ben Howe wrote about how Congressman Steve King discovered that he was suckered by Donald Trump. Ann Coulter to her credit realized this a lot earlier but given that she wrote a sycophantic book called In Trump We Trust during the campaign, the reality of Trump must really sting. She’s quite bitter about it judging from her Twitter snark aimed at her formerly favorite Republican.


I think the “at least I’m not Hillary” part is a sign that she knows she really failed hard in 2016. That was the standard issue deflection to any concern about Trump from his loyal followers. Ann probably used it once or twice herself.

It would be really easy to say, “We told you so,” which is why I will. We told you so.

She was responding to President Trump’s tweet about “legalizing” DACA.

Eliminating DACA entirely on “day one” was one of the bottles of snake oil sold to people like Coulter in order to earn their endorsements (along with repealing Obamacare and spiking the Iran nuclear deal). It hasn’t dawned on some of his most rabid supporters that rescinding the DACA executive order is contingent on Congress codifying it.


Coulter’s about face has gotten a lot of notice though.

I haven’t yet seen evidence of the Trump tribe turning on Coulter en masse. Maybe they still hope to bring her back into the fold or maybe a lot of them find it difficult to argue with her.



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