Leading Anti-Vaxxer Calls for U.S. Naval Blockade of Australia After Being Denied Visa


“The worlds number one anti-vaxxer” Kent Heckenlively planned to bring his “Dangerous Science” lecture tour to Australia but Australia has told him his crackpot theories are not wanted down under. His visa has been denied.


Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said on Thursday Kent Heckenlively would not be able to tour Australia later this year as part of an international campaign calling for a pause in childhood vaccinations.

“We’re not going to allow him to come here,” Mr Dutton told Sydney radio station 2GB.

“These people who are telling parents that their kids shouldn’t be vaccinated are dangerous. We have been very careful in having a look right through this particular case and it’s clear to me that it’s not in our national interest that he should come here.”

Heckenlively believes that childhood vaccinations cause conditions like autism and has called for a five year international moratorium on childhood vaccinations. (Because the world needs more whooping cough, mumps, and measles, right?)  His “Dangerous Science” tour is clearly not welcome in Australia.

Heckenlively blogs at The Bolen Report and seems to be taking particular glee in his ban from Australia. Conspiracy kooks always seem to revel in rejection of their ideas. As I’ve written before, I believe conspiracy theorists suffer from a form of paranoid narcissism. They are energized by believing they alone know “the truth” and believe being marginalized is proof that the boogeymen are afraid of them.


According to his blog, Heckenlively counts two writers for Infowars as fellow leaders in his movement. His ravings come complete with random capitalization and boldface type, in the style of Gateway Pundit. (That must be a big thing with the nutters.) To be honest, I combed through this site for a while looking for something to indicate it was satire but I never found it.

If being an American means anything, it means being able to go anywhere in the world and telling people right to their face that what they’re doing is wrong.

Yes, I know it can sometimes be messy, but that’s democracy.

Which is why the apparent decision of Australia to ban me from presenting my “DANGEROUS SCIENCE” tour should be concerning to every member of the world.

Every “member” of the world? Is this a club? Did I forget to pay my dues? Heckenlively called on President Trump to implement a naval blockade of Australia in response to his being denied entry.

I believe all of this means democracy itself is at stake in Australia.

Which is why I am issuing this public call to President Donald Trump, who knows vaccine injury is real because he has seen it happen to people he knows, who has MET AND TALKED WITH Dr. Andy Wakefield and taken a copy of the movie VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe with a promise to watch, and who has asked Robert Kennedy, Jr. to head up a Commission on Vaccine Safety and Scientific Integrity, to consider an IMMEDIATE NAVAL BLOCKADE OF AUSTRALIA until my visa application is granted and the ban against autism mom, Polly Tommey is rescinded.

Now for those who think I’m being extreme, I want to present you with evidence of my reasonableness.  Like any good guest, I offered the Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, the option of meeting me at the airport when I arrived (as befits a world leader like myself who represents more people than the entire population of Australia), or I could simply meet him at his office for our discussions.


Plenty of paranoia and narcissism there. Clearly this is a man whose scientific opinion should be seriously considered.

I think Australia made the right decision.



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