Neal Boortz Issues Passive Aggressive Non-Apology for Racist Tweet

Earlier today RedState grand poobah Caleb Howe pointed out the racist tweet launched by retired libertarian radio host Neal Boortz.


Seriously, what the eff bomb, Boortz? “What husband?” Are you serious? Did you not have enough characters to throw in a comment about “the rap music”? Unbelievable.


Actually I found it very believable but that’s beside the point.

It was completely gratuitous and the chances are slim that his comment wasn’t based entirely on the woman’s race. For all he knows she might be married or maybe her husband died. Who knows? He was assuming her social situation because of her skin color. That’s pretty racist in any situation but making the comment in this context is just F-bombing horrible.

The former AM blowhard got a lot of negative feedback and felt the need to issue a non-apology via TwitLonger, which, incidentally, still exists.

This is for those of you who had an honest disagreement with my earlier tweet about the F-Bomb lady, not for the hundreds of people who had nothing more intelligent to say to me but “fuck you.”

Boortz has high expectations for responses to racist tweets it seems.

You’re right. I was bad. The irony here is that I actually enjoyed and quietly applauded the lady for her F-Bomb. She had been through hell and then someone was grabbing her arm and shoving a mic in her face. I should have just left it there … but I didn’t and Twitter is instantaneous.

Boortz interior monologue: Note to self…always end a tweet BEFORE the racist part. 

There is a place for commentary on the horrendous rate of children born to single parents — of all colors — and the burden they put on society.


Yes, this was Boortz giving his opinion on single parents OF ALL COLORS. Some of his best friends are people of all colors. If you believe the woman’s race was not the genesis of his comment, I’ve got a health care plan you can keep if you like it.

This certainly wasn’t the place. I apologize. No … I didn’t delete the Tweet because I have learned and will continue to learn from the response.

And screenshots are already out there so there’s no point. Deleting the tweet would only invite more ridicule. Sometime in the future that tweet will probably quietly disappear.

You know an apology is sincere when it includes potshots at other people. I’m surprised there was no “what about Hillary?” included.


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