You Won't Believe Who is Portraying Trump as a Nazi Now

It just keeps getting more and more ridiculous. A GERMAN magazine is portraying Trump as Hitler on its front cover.


It’s illegal to do a Nazi salute in Germany but apparently you can get away with faking a picture of a foreign leader doing one for a magazine cover.


I take a lot of abuse from people for criticizing Trump’s lack of decorum and what I see as his failure to lead. However, I am sick to death of the hyperbolic, reactionary bull crap that gets main streamed in response to Trump’s gaffes and incompetence. It forces the jersey wearing tribalists to reject any and all criticism of Trump as being of the unhinged fake news variety.

Somehow it is lost on a lot of people that it’s possible that Trump is a really bad president and he gets treated unfairly by most of the media. Those aren’t mutually exclusive propositions. The old saying goes, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to get you. Likewise, just because the Left hates him doesn’t mean Trump is doing a great job.

The media on the Left hates most Republicans. The difference maker with regard to Trump is that he continuously exacerbates that hatred unnecessarily so when he gives them an opportunity to attack him, they do so with relish.

I don’t think Trump is a Nazi. I think he’s a lousy president and an embarrassment to the country but he’s no Nazi. As many here at RedState have said, his response to Charlottesville was a failure. He eventually said some  right sounding things but he led with his “fine people on both sides” comment which remains problematic.


There are three, and only three interpretations of that statement.

  1. President Trump thinks some Nazis and Klan members are fine people.
  2. President Trump has no idea what’s going on around him at any time and is dangerously without faculty.
  3. President Trump has chosen to say to the Nazis and Klan members things that will make them continue their love and support for him, which has so far been near undying.

Is the media treating him fairly on the issue? Absolutely not. Did he handle the situation as effectively as he told his adoring throng in Phoenix last night? Absolutely not.

We’re in an era where people on the Right write pieces attacking Trump’s conservative critics for not focusing on the real enemy while they remain silent—or openly cheer—his attacks on members of his own party.  Meanwhile people on the Left write insane conspiracy theory laden fairy tales in which Trump is the second coming of Hitler.

Everyone seems detached from reality. I guess that’s the new normal.


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