Everything Is Stupid and It Doesn't Look Like There's Any Smart on the Horizon

If things continue on their present course, a post recounting “the week in stupid” may become a regular feature here at RedState. From the President to the Congress to the media and general public there was a lot of industrial strength stupidity to go around. Let’s take a look.


Confederate Republicans

I’ve never understood the need some Republicans have for celebrating the the losing side of a disastrous rebellion. As hills to die on go, defending the existence of monuments to southerners who fought on the side of slavery just seems like one of the more stupid choices. I know some people can go on for hours splitting hairs to “prove” that the Civil War wasn’t about slavery, but if any fraction of it was about slavery then it was about slavery. You’ve got a pretty shallow family heritage if you can’t honor it without flying your ancestors’ defeated battle standard or celebrating their fight to preserve the practice of treating human beings like cattle.

The Confederacy was literally on the wrong side of history. It should absolutely be remembered, but shouldn’t be honored any more than we’d honor the British Redcoats, Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, the Viet Cong, or Al Qaeda. All of those are remembered despite the lack of statues, so contrary to talking points, removing a monument or statue doesn’t erase history.


(He’s from Minnesota, by the way, which makes his pro-Confederacy pandering even more stupid.)

As stupid as it is to honor pro-slavery traitors, it’s also stupid for mobs of social justice warriors to take the law into their own hands and tear down or destroy public statuary. The confederate statues were put up by communities and those same communities should be the ones who decide how and when to remove them.

Geraldo Rivera

Really, Geraldo? Really?

Apart from killing allied soldiers for Adolf Hitler, Rommel was a really cool guy. Geraldo’s right in a way though, Lee and Rommel both chose to fight for the bad guys.

Donald Trump and the Nazis

Only Donald Trump could create his own personal sh*tstorm by trying to play both sides of a situation where a Nazi sympathizer murdered an anti-Nazi protester. No, Trump isn’t a Nazi, but he botched what should have been the biggest no-brainer of his brief tenure as President. There’s a time for expressing differences with any group. Immediately after one of their members lost her life for protesting Nazis is not that time, even if it’s Antifa. Most normal human beings would know that instinctively. Trump is not most people or normal.


Maxine Waters

Crazy Maxine claimed HUD Secretary Ben Carson is part of Trump’s “White Wing Nationalist” movement. The stupidity necessary to repeatedly send this woman to Congress is weapons grade.

Racist Haircuts

This one requires no explanation but it may take the prize for one of the most stupid items of the week.

I guess everyone with a shaved head is a skinhead too (looking at you, BEN HOWE).


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