Loony Laura Loomer Loses All Historical Perspective and Connection with Reality

Holy cow. The hot takes are really something to behold at this point.

Marco Rubio’s sane series of tweets condemning Nazis and their rally in Charlottesville would not be controversial in a sane world. We no longer live in a sane world though.

Enter TheRebelTV’s Laura Loomer, fresh off her  GoFundMe scam courageous defense of President Trump’s life against the evil Shakespeare in the Park.


Good lord. Seriously?

This is the sort of deficient sense of proportion that one normally only sees in the far left. This is where the amoral “defeat the left with their own tactics” stupidity leads, I suppose. Sure, Nazis systematically murdered millions of people and plunged the entire planet into war, but a few idiots failed to carry out an attack on a party thrown by conspiracy theorists and internet trolls, so it’s all a wash. 

Can we get real for a moment? The worst thing that happened at the “deploraball” was Jim Hoft’s suit from the E. Buzz Miller collection. In Charlottesville, the worst thing was a Nazi murdering someone for protesting Nazis.

It is the absolute wrong time for Trumpish whataboutism.

A good rule of thumb: if ever you’re feeling that Nazis aren’t getting a fair shake it’s probably best if you just keep it to yourself.

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