Watch: Leftist Makes Wild Claim About Charlottesville Nazis Carrying 'Automatic Weapons'

Former Chuck Schumer operative, Jim Kessler was on Fox News earlier today to discuss the fate of Steve Bannon’s job within the Trump administration. In the process of doing so he dropped a claim about the white nationalist protesters in Charlottesville marching through town with “automatic weapons.”


Jim, maybe you should have focused on trying to think of something true to say instead of what you did say.

Here’s how Kessler saw the events in Charlottesville unfold:

The President actually had a very easy task this weekend. You had Nazis and Klanspeople marching with automatic weapons through a peaceful town.

Admittedly, I was otherwise engaged and didn’t get to follow all the details of what happened in Charlottesville over the weekend. However most of the boys playing Nazi looked like they were carrying citronella tiki torches they bought with one of their mom’s 20% off Bed Bath and Beyond mail coupons. I didn’t see any automatic weapons or even hear anyone else fret about them.


I wonder if Kessler finds it odd that with such a high intensity clash of protesters and the alleged presence of automatic weapons, the most violent act that took place was performed with a car instead of a gun.

Granted, the nature of the idiocy gripping Charlottesville was not the central topic of the Fox News hit, but I’m very surprised that Kessler was not called out on such a blatantly misleading statement.


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