Pauly Shore Delivers Hilarious Parody of Stephen Miller and Jim Acosta's Statue of Liberty Fight

Breaking: Pauly Shore still exists. He’s also pretending to be Stephen Miller in his epic verbal battle with White House visiting lecturer, CNN’s Jim Acosta.


RedState managing editor Caleb Howe wrote last week about the absurdity of Jim Acosta and the whole Statue of Liberty debate. Pauly Shore ratcheted up the absurdity in a Funny or Die sketch in which he looks disturbingly like Stephen Miller.

⚠️ language warning ⚠️

Shore’s Miller tears into Acosta

Jim, Why don’t we talk a little history?

In the year 2000, did you know that a mutant known as Wolverine scaled the Statue of Liberty in a climactic showdown with Sabertooth?

Or in the f***ing 1980s when the Ghostbusters brought the Lady Liberty to life with the power of ectoplasm, was that violating—in your opinion, Jim Acosta—the Statue of Liberty law of the land?

You can imagine where it goes from there.


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