Eager to Bash NRA and Dana Loesch, Reporters Fail to Understand English and Their Own Profession

It’s always fun to watch “journalists” expose themselves as juvenile know-nothings. Such is the case with today’s foolishness over Dana Loesch’s use of the word “fisking.”


Apparently many professional reporters know more about kinky sex than they do about words that actually pertain to their chosen profession. They jumped to the conclusion that Dana and the NRA intended to “fist” the New York Times (because that makes perfect sense, right?). It couldn’t possibly be the similar sounding word that means something about journalism, right?

verb, transitive
fisked, fisk-ing, fisks

To criticize and refute (a published article or argument), especially in point-by-point or line-by-line fashion on a blog.

Twitchy documented much of the idiocy before the embarrassed reporters started deleting their tweets.


Journalists who pretend to be knowledgeable about all manner of things were presented with a word they should already be familiar with or at least be able to discern from context, but they reacted like 10 year old boys watching an ornithology documentary about boobies and tits.


Keep this in mind the next time some millennial Democrat activist 2 years out of journalism school tries to act authoritative on something more complicated than basic phonics.



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