Conway: Lie Detectors May Be Used to Expose White House Leakers

The President’s chief counselor Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox and Friends earlier this morning and the topic was the continuing information leaks coming from within the White House. Most recently the transcripts phone calls between the President and his counterparts in both Mexico and Australia were made public by unknown sources.


Steve Doocy floated the idea of hooking up everyone in the White House to a lie detector.  He spoke as if he thought such tests were 100% reliable and this was just an obvious and simple solution to the problem. Kellyanne Conway did not reject it outright. She simply said that lie detectors may or may not be used.

Today Attorney General Jeff Sessions is holding a press briefing specifically on the subject of cracking down on leaks. It looks as if the administration is doing a full court press on the issue today.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions and other top administration officials are making a show of force Friday in their battle against illegal leaks, planning to announce details of investigations into leaks of classified material.

The press briefing comes on the heels of one of the biggest leaks under this administration – the disclosure of transcripts of President Trump’s phone calls with two foreign leaders in January. Former federal prosecutors tell Fox News that leak likely constitutes a federal crime, and lawmakers of both parties have voiced concern about how that material got out and the security implications.

“Leaking the phone calls between our president and other heads of state is nothing short of a national disgrace,” Kellyanne Conway, White House counselor, told “Fox & Friends” on Friday. “I want there to be bipartisan outrage.”

She noted the West Wing is a “small place” and finding the leakers might be “easier” than some realize.


If there are many different ways to find out and it’s easier than some people realize, that leads me to ask why haven’t the leakers been discovered yet?

Doesn’t it?


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