Gender Identity Madness - There Is Absolutely No Such Thing as a Pregnant Man

The U.K. paper The Independent published an article with the following headline: Britain’s first pregnant man gives birth to girl. It is amazing how such a small arrangement of words can be equal parts clickbait, exploitation, cultural indoctrination, and utter nonsense.


Hayden Cross, 21, made headlines around the world when he announced he was pregnant by a sperm donor, three years after becoming legally male through gender reassignment.

He put his transition on hold to have a child.

His daughter Trinity-Leigh was born by caesarean on 16 June, his family confirmed. It makes Mr Cross, from Gloucester, the first transgender man to give birth in the UK.

“She’s perfect in every way,” he told The Sun.

(Until people start filling her head with the idea that nature got it wrong and she might really be a he.)

He now plans to complete his gender reassignment to remove his breasts and ovaries.

Let’s review: if you give birth to a child, you are by definition female. For those females who haven’t yet born children, having breasts, ovaries, and a uterus are a dead giveaway. Allowing quack doctors to dispose of those organs surgically and artificially blast your system with hormones it doesn’t naturally produce does not make a female male any more than getting striped tattoos and hoof implants would make you a zebra.

If a person claims to be something all scientific evidence says they are not, the least scientific thing to do is assume they are acting and thinking rationally. In virtually every situation where a person insists they are something other than what they are, whether it be a specific person or some existing or completely fantastical creature, that person is rightfully approached as one who has some sort of unfortunate mental or psychological problem. However, if that person’s delusion is that they are a different sex than what every fact of biology indicates, we now must assume their feelings invalidate science.


Similarly, abortion advocates believe that a woman’s feelings determine whether her unborn offspring really is a human being (as every piece of objective scientific data indicates). The truly maddening part is that many of the people who tell us that someone’s feelings can change physical reality are the same ones who think it a thought crime to question whether scientists can accurately predict the global climate a century from now.

For many people, what makes them feel good is what they believe to be scientifically true. Whether it is the healing power of crystals and essential oils, saving the planet, or choose your own adventure biology, feelings-based “science” is gradually becoming our official state religion.

How far down this road are we going to go? Pretty dang far it seems. The tweet below from Christina Sommers of the American Enterprise Institute went viral yesterday for obvious reasons.

Oy vey, indeed. This is insanity.

Obviously there is something seriously wrong when someone believes they are something other than what they are. Like anyone else, the people who feel that way need to be treated with compassion and respect, but simply indulging their confusion is neither compassionate nor respectful.



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