Move Over Lincoln and Douglas, Tomi Lahren Is Going to Debate Chelsea Handler

Apparently there are some people who actually think politics isn’t stupid enough right now.

Later this month in Pasadena, the third annual Politicon will feature a “debate” between comedian Chelsea Handler and Tomi Lahren, formerly of The Blaze. The Daily Beast broke the story.


Comedian and TV host Chelsea Handler will take on controversial conservative pundit Tomi Lahren in a live conversation later this month at Politicon, The Daily Beast has learned. The third annual political convention, which will be held on July 29-30 in Pasadena, California, will also feature a discussion between Handler and CNN’s Jake Tapper as part of that network’s “Politics on Tap” series. Handler, who previously hosted the celebrity-driver Chelsea Lately on E!, has become an increasingly political critic of President Donald Trump since launching her Netflix show Chelsea last spring, leading the Women’s March at Sundance and regularly hammering the current administration on a weekly basis.

“Hammering” a Republican president is such a risky move for a comedian. From the clips I watched, the only thing Handler “hammers” is the really low hanging fruit. The only punchlines you don’t see coming from a mile away are the ones that come after Handler’s tired schtick has you looking for dead pixels on your screen just to alleviate the boredom.


And calling Tomi Lahren a “controversial conservative pundit” is selling it a little strong. She’s a talking point parrot who doesn’t read much (and it shows). The most controversial thing about her is that for some reason she had a show of her own while many bright and talented conservatives didn’t.

This debate will be as intellectually stimulating as that time Tonya Harding took on Paula Jones on “Celebrity Boxing.” It will be like watching a Samantha Bee impersonator arguing with a Special Edition “Make America Great Again” Furby.

For anyone expecting a Lincoln-Douglas style event, you will be disappointed. (Also you should probably get a CAT scan at your earliest convenience.)



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