Hot Takes, Get Your Hot Takes - Leftists Wet Their Pants Over Senate Healthcare Bill They Haven't Read

You knew they were coming.

The ridiculous and hysterical hot takes from the left about the Senate Republican healthcare bill. Literally within minutes of its release the pant wetting started in earnest on Twitter.

The TL;DR version is Republicans hate everyone and want them to die, except the rich.

Isn’t that the talking point for when you want to say Republicans hate immigrants? You’re crossing the streams, dude.

I guess the “lipstick on a pig” line is played out.

Just like Congress had to rely on Obamacare?

…says the group who literally advocates for the legal right to kill people.

Don’t forget women, homosexuals, and the transgendered.

Speed reader Chuck, tweeted this within minutes of the bill becoming available. He probably would have tweeted the same thing had Republicans proposed a single payer system but had no provision for covering butt implants.

That tweet is like if you had a “monkey” with a verified Twitter account who did nothing but throw virtual his virtual poo.

Seriously, were none of these idiots alive when Obamacare was passed?


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