Democrat Astroturf Protests Erupt Immediately After Release of Senate Healthcare Bill

I’m absolutely certain that all of the people protesting outside Mitch McConnell’s office within minutes of his release of the draft Senate healthcare bill all had time to throughly read and analyze it’s contents. It’s not like Democrats would stage a fake protest or anything. They don’t do that sort of thing. Right?  They certainly wouldn’t use wheelchair bound people as props, would they?


In Washington speak, “gutting” a program means increasing its budget, but not as much as the extremists had hoped.

Wheelchairs wheelchairs wheelchairs. Also wheelchairs.


What’s the average salary for a rent-a-patriot paid these days?


I haven’t read the bill myself. I expect there’s a lot not to like about it, but I guarantee you that not a single one of these protesters could cite a single provision of it. This is all theater.




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