WOW - The #FreeLaura Hashtag Warriors Deliver Some of the DUMBEST Takes on Free Speech

Earlier today Jay Caruso wrote about the Trumper snowflakes that had to disrupt a play because they didn’t like its content. In the age of Trump there are more and more “conservatives” who think the best way to advance conservatism is to act like crybaby leftists. It goes without saying that a play depicting the assassination of a sitting president is over the top, offensive, and possibly an incitement to violence. Basically it’s a very leftist thing to do. As is the #FreeLaura hashtag activism currently spreading stupid all over Twitter.


There’s nothing wrong with protesting a play you don’t like. Disrupting it as it’s taking place is a juvenile stunt that would be mocked mercilessly by most Trumpers if it the political roles were reversed.

What’s demented is people acting exactly like the enemy they claim to be fighting and thinking they aren’t hypocrites. Didn’t we all just get done beating a dead horse about how protesters silencing speech they find offensive is bad?

Clearly there are people on the right who think what the conservative movement really needs is a massive injection of Orwellian doublethink.

That’s like saying someone bursting into a Catholic Mass and shouting Jack Chick style conspiracy theories is just exercising the same freedom of religion as the priest. Setting fire to a newsstand isn’t freedom of the press. If you want to engage in the same freedom of speech as the play performers, put on your own play with your own political spin.


Old and busted: thinking. New hotness: screaming in public. The “new right” looks a lot like the “old left.”

Speaking for myself, I’m not upset about they did. It doesn’t really bother me in the least. Neither does it bother me that clowns intending to get arrested got arrested.

What bothers me is intellectual dishonesty. It bothers me that people who I thought were smart now seem to think emulating the dumpster burning hippies is the next great leap forward for the  conservative cause. Also, can we just stop with the “but he fights” B.S. already? Fighting problems you largely created for yourself doesn’t really count.


No, she stood up against a dramatic performance she found offensive. Equating free expression with violence is what leftist social justice warriors do. If it’s silly when they do it, it’s silly when you do it too.

Laura’s totally wrong. The Left loves that they’re dragging the right down to their level. They thrive on chaos and now they don’t have to work so hard to maintain it. The right’s lunatic fringe is lending a hand by contributing lots of heat but no light. It’s bipartisan jackassery helping the Left and it’s being celebrated by “thought” leaders on the right.

The vast majority of Americans never even knew there was a movie made about assassinating President Bush. That is something the Left didn’t like. They don’t like when their self indulgent political fantasies masquerading as art land with a barely audible and ineffective thud outside of their insular community. The people putting on this politicized version of Julius Caesar absolutely love that right wing attention whores kept their play trending everywhere a little longer.


Honestly the current state of politics makes me think that conservatism has been decapitated and we’re just witnessing the dead chicken reflexes splashing blood and feathers everywhere.

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