Pole Dancer Conducts Teens-Only (No Parents Allowed) 'Sex Workshop' at Maryland Public Library

Controversy erupted in Lexington Park, Maryland over a “sex workshop” sponsored by the Southern Maryland Area Secular Humanists (SMASH). (I’ll bet those folks are a scream at office Christmas parties.)


The workshop was for teens only and specifically barred parents from attending. In fact the library had extra security on hand to prevent any parental units or protesters from getting in.

“We have been in touch with the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Department and they are making preparations for Sunday. We know some groups are planning to protest and we’d like to have the Sheriff’s Office’s cooperation,” said Michael Blackwell, director of St. Mary’s County Libraries.

There are some disgruntled members of the community who are upset over plans for the Southern Maryland Area Secular Humanists (SMASH) to host certified sex educator, Bianca Palmisano. “My talks are largely focused on clinical education and giving teens a safe space to ask questions without the watchful eye of parents,” she stated.

To be fair, parents had to sign a consent form to register their 12 to 17 year old kids for the workshop and knew up front that they were not allowed to attend. From that you can deduce that the event was primarily attended by the children of really bad parents.


The facilitator for the workshop is Bianca Palmisano from “Intimate Health Consulting.” Palmisano “proudly” self describes as a “slut.”

I trained as a professional pole dancer for 3 years, and it helped me survive periods of crippling depression. I do advocate for the decriminalization of sex work, and make a yearly donation to HIPS, an organization that supports sex workers to live full and healthy lives. I do wear the title slut proudly, I do advocate for full and inclusive acceptance of LGB and especially transgender young people, I talk about anal sex, I believe abortion should be legal and accessible and I don’t believe that we need to hide the complexities of sexuality from our young people.

This is precisely the kind of person who should NOT be teaching children about sex.

A similar event was scheduled for earlier this year in Leonardtown, Maryland but was cancelled when irate citizens protested. Palmisano’s keynote speech at a 2013 “Slutwalk” was a primary source of concern.

St. John Francis Regis youth minister Rich Olon exposed lesbian instructor Bianca Palmisano’s bias toward “homosexual education” and transgenderism.

Palmisano was a keynote speaker at the 2013 “Slutwalk.” Olon pointed out that during her speech Palmisano promoted a sex toy shop where she said “polyamorous leather dykes could hang out with kinky bisexuals and couples and compare notes with lifelong swingers, and still welcome those just beginning to explore their sexuality.”

Palmisano added in her “Slutwalk” keynote address, “We host workshops twice a month, bringing in speakers from across the country to share their expertise on everything from blowjobs to threesomes to rough sex.”


This isn’t education. It’s culture war psyops aimed at undermining families, traditional morality and faith.


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