Sean Hannity and Lou Dobbs Are Recruiting Soldiers to Fight 'Forces of Evil' at War with Trump

The left wing media is in a feeding frenzy triggered by the stumbling Trump administration. Lou Dobbs describes it as a “war” against “determined forces of evil.” Sean Hannity is building an enemies lists of people who want to “destroy this president.”

On Hannity last Dobbs was introduced with a clip from a recent monologue, it which he commands people to “get to war” to defend Trump.

The determined forces of evil that surround this White House are trying to destroy the Trump Presidency and will settle, it appears, for nothing less. This is a war dammit, so get to war.

Hannity presented a Trump enemies. He appears very proud of himself for being able to identify people who don’t really like Trump, but he’s not exactly breaking any new ground.

Before we do anything else, I have identified five groups of people who want to destroy this president. You agree with me. The media. The Democrats. The deep state. Establishment Republicans that just..ohhh they can’t fight over even shutting down the government. And then the never Trumpers who want relevancy.

Both Trump surrogates commentators challenged the American people to go out and fight for Trump’s agenda, by which I suppose they mean things like Obamacare-lite, trillion dollar infrastructure programs, and a commitment to never addressing the debt or the entitlements that drive it.

With both houses of Congress and the White House, Republicans are still failing to govern and it is all on the backs of the American people to take up the slack. Trump’s leadership and competence—or lack thereof—cannot possibly be the issue. It’s your fault for not loving and supporting him enough.

Watch the whole “fair and balanced” exchange here.

If there’s a war on, there are really only two factions (i.e. tribes). One is the progressive left who exaggerates every negative story about Trump and for whom every story about Trump is a negative story. The other is the sycophant right like Hannity and Dobbs for whom Trump can do no wrong. The collateral damage and primary casualty is the conservative movement who will probably have to spend 40 years in the desert once Trumpism collapses in upon itself.

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