Leftists Outraged by Ivanka Trump Hosting Anti-Human Trafficking Event at the White House

This CNN chyron about seems as if it’s intended to stir controversy—primarily because it’s on CNN, but also because it leaves out details, letting partisans fill in the blanks for themselves as in this series of tweets.


Yeah, it might have looked a lot like the following tweets—presumably from left wing progressives—except it probably would have been justified given that Chelsea Clinton was around 13 years old at this point in her father’s first term as President. But I guess they might be thinking of an alternate reality where Hillary Clinton isn’t less likable than Donald Trump.

Either way, it’s pretty hilarious because while suggesting that Republicans would take the low road, these left wingers do exactly that. Tribalism makes you dumb.



If the tribes were reversed, this is where Salon or Vox would write a hot take excoriating Republicans on Twitter for being in favor of human trafficking for grumbling about a listening session about that issue.

Ivanka Trump, amid building controversy and chaos in the West Wing, hosted an anti-human trafficking roundtable discussion at the White House Wednesday.

Trump previously organized a listening session on the topic that she attended with her father, President Donald Trump, in late February.

“We have been conducting interagency meetings to understand the scope of the issue (of human trafficking), as well as gathering recommendations from the academic, public and private sector,” Ivanka Trump, a top White House adviser, said in the Roosevelt Room. “Today, we bring an additional and critical group to the table, legislative leaders, to discuss concrete steps through legislation.”

She is clearly history’s greatest monster.


That’s a good question, Grandma Pottymouth.

A bipartisan, bicameral group of lawmakers joined Trump, including House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Democratic Sens. Amy Klobuchar and Heidi Heitkamp, as well as anti-human trafficking experts and leaders.

Next week is “Combating Trafficking and Child Protection Week” in Congress, Trump said, and nine pieces of legislation will directly address the issue.

Those Democrats should vote in favor of human trafficking just to spite Trump for making his daughter the First Lady instead of his wife, because that’s pretty much all that is happening here.

That’s really weird. I get it, but this particular meeting is not something that should upset a rational person.

Of course it wasn’t long ago that the left was clinging to Ivanka Trump as their only hope of keeping her father from completing his Bond-villain-like plot to destroy the world. Now they’re just flailing because COMEY RUSSIA IMPEACHMENT.


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