The Left Screams 'Treason' While Die Hard Trump Fans Circle the Wagons

The Washington Post report on President Trump allegedly spilling the beans to the Russians about a valuable ISIS intelligence source is causing conniptions across the internet. The usual left wing suspects are screaming “TREASON” while the Trump Media Complex is dismissing the story as “fake news.” I’m in a wait and see mode because I can’t tell what is or isn’t agenda driven at this point.


It’s all about playing offense or defense. Nobody really seems to be concerned about whether the story is actually true. Pundits are judging its veracity solely by how it hurts or helps their particular tribe. Others are are dismissing the story for its anonymous sources. Some of them surely would have reacted differently if the teams were reversed.

Noted left wing lunatic Kurt Eichenwald is as giddy as a kid on Christmas morning.

Leftist halfling Robert Reich is preparing to march straight into Mordor to destroy Trump’s pinky ring.  CONSTITUTIONAL CRISIS WATERGATE OMG.

“Fake news!” say radio hosts and Trump shills Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity.


If somehow the story proves to be true, expect those two to start explaining how revealing classified info to the Russkies  was actually a masterful 12-dimensional geopolitical chess move on Trump’s part.

Then there’s poor, demented Gateway Pundit who went so far as to blatantly (and unnecessarily) lie about what’s even being reported.

How did Warner “accuse Trump?”

A blog with White House press credentials is telling readers that Mark Warner tweeting a newspaper story with an “If true” caveat is an accusation.

When there’s breaking political scandal news I think my rule of thumb may end up being: Believe nothing from either side for at least 48 hours.


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