Today Was a VERY Long Day for One FAA Accident Investigator

Actually, we don’t think this is a real story. Jakku is way outside the FAA’s jurisdiction.


Of course it’s a gag for May 4, which has become known as Star Wars Day because “May the 4th be with you.”

Some of the Facebook comments are worth highlighting for their snark value.

Harison Ford was probably piloting it…


The findings on the cause of the crash are very clear: The Imperial Star Destroyer ran into a “pathetic little band” of Rebel scum in LJO (Low-Jakku Orbit). At which time, the destroyer became disabled and began an uncontrolled descent towards the planet surface. The captain was hailed, however the only transmission received back was “Everything is under control here, situation normal. Everything is fine here… How are you?”. This was the last transmission from the Destroyer. Rest assured that these rebel terrorists will be dealt with.

Ok, maybe you need to go outside occasionally.

Wow, this is like “The Onion” level funny! Well done, nameless FAA social media minion…well done! *slow clap*

It was probably a contractor. Being funny or interesting is discouraged among federal employees.

I see you have time to make amusing Facebook posts but not figure out my medical certificate. I’ve been waiting a year now. Thanks for wasting my time.

I’m pretty sure it’s not the same guy doing both.

Imperial Destroyer for sale: 30,500 hrs, complete logbooks, good condition, needs annual

Smart alecks, pilots are.

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