Socialist Senator Attacks GOP Healthcare Plan, Army of Idiots Piles On

Bernie Sanders really has it easy these days. He can rattle off any kind of nonsense and his army of trained utopian seals will clap and bark in agreement. It’s true even when what he says is completely tone deaf and divorced from reality.


The socialist and the Democrats he caucuses with have spent the better part of a decade defending a steaming pile of bad health insurance legislation by pretending that it has cured most of the ills in our healthcare system. Then he has the chutzpah to ask this question.

The obvious response to this is, “How can you call it the ‘Affordable Care Act’ when it makes healthcare less affordable?” Sure, it got a bunch of low income people signed up for Medicaid, but what about the people who ended up with plans with premiums and deductibles so high it made their insurance essentially worthless?

Consistency and logic aren’t among the left’s strengths.

Cue the trained seals.

Democrats: We’ll keep you in poverty if you escape the womb without us killing you.

Get this next guy though. I can’t post his Twitter bio here.

In the dictionary next to cliché, there’s a picture of the following tweet.


Again, 1984 is about SOCIALISM, you dunderhead. It’s about YOU.

Thankfully there were a few pointing out Sanders’ error.




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