'Tumblr in a Labcoat' - Loyal Fans Brutalize Bill Nye's Netflix Show Online

Bill Nye has always been hugely popular with the “social media generation.” They grew up watching him on TV and in their young adulthood made him into a sort of secular saint. That may be changing.


On sites like Reddit or Imgur where shared content and comments get voted up or down by the masses, anything that reflected badly on Nye wouldn’t see the light of day let alone make it to the front page, as his fans would downvote it into negative territory with a vengeance.

Like a lot of social media sites, Imgur has been making money through “promoted” content. It makes it to the front page because someone paid for it so its visibility is not dependent on user response like everything else is. There’s an Imgur account called NetflixAndBill that is promoting content advertising Bill Nye Saves the World.

To find a positive comment about a recent promoted post disgustingly titled “Factual Healing: Let’s Make Love to Nye” you have to click the “show bad replies” link at the bottom of the page.

Factual Healing: Let’s Make Love To Nye

While some of the reaction has to do with the fact that Nye is a condescending, overbearing jerk, the thing that hit a lot of fans hard was his promoting the idea that there are more than two genders. Online geek culture leans left but when it comes to the recent gender nonsense and social justice warriors, there is a definite spike in more traditional thinking.

Here’s a sampling of some of the comments and associated responses.

You guys remember his old show? Whenever he said something he would do an experiment and prove it? Or show an example? I miss that…

  • Now all we have is Tumblr in a lab coat
  • Yeah, and how he wasn’t ranting at the audience like an aging lunatic out of touch with reality… good times, good times.

I think it needs to be more objective. Also whats the point of a panel of experts if it only lasts for like 20 seconds.

  • And if he interrupts those who may provide an alternative perspective in favor of those who agree with him.
  • Wil Wheaton was an “Expert ” on the panel. Will Wheaton was an EXPERT on a panel on a SCIENCE show. That tells me everything

I know downvoting this did nothing but I did it anyway.

MY VAGINA HAS ITS OWN VOICE – I’ll pass. This isn’t Bill Nye the Science Guy.

It’s pretty terrible.


I must concur. There is a distinct lack of science. In it’s place? Political discourse. I expect better from you Bill.

Bill Nye the social agenda guy

Too much cultural propaganda not enough Science 0/10

This show sucks. He legit talked to the audience like they are mentally challenged.

Honestly I really wanted to like this show but the way in which most issues are presented makes it kind of hard.

I watched the first 1.5 episodes… utter garbage. And that coming from someone that watched obsessively as a kid. 0/10 do not watch.

It’s a hard show to like, since I wanted to show up for the science and building bridges, not just being angry that people don’t get science

This show is terrible! As a published researcher… In some episodes- no data, no challenging points, all one-sided opinions.

Sadly, the show has a very culty vibe to it.

Yeah, no thanks, he’s insufferable. I support science and rational thinking, but not smugness and condescension.

show is AWFUL. F*ck you for promoting it Imgur

This is a f*cking trash show holy sh*t! “meh vagina has a voice” mother f*cker my fist has legs and its running straight for your face

The tides are 3 meters higher than they used to be in Venice, Bill Nye? Propaganda is not science.


Was so excited for the new show…now so disappointed to have such a scripted, pandering, piece of drivel.

This show is terrible. Bill nye put the nails I’m his career coffin with his gender spectrum hocus pocus

It’s not the same. The Bill Nye we grew up with was just a guy reading a script. I don’t like the real Bill Nye.


It’s clear that many of the people surprised by the nature of Nye’s new show haven’t been paying much attention to his media appearances. He’s been pretty terrible for a long time now.

MRW i finally watched “Bill Nye Saves the World”

How I feel watching “Bill Nye saves the world”…

Maybe there’s some hope for overcoming the indoctrination.


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