VIDEO: Not Only Is Bill Nye a Fraud, He's an Extremist and an Enemy of Freedom

I’ve followed Bill Nye’s career for a while. You may have seen my post yesterday about Nye’s transformation from zany children’s television host to far left activist. He has truly become an environmental extremist.


It was evident when he started making the claim that humans are the sole cause of climate change. That’s an extreme position about which there is certainly no significant “consensus” yet Nye repeats it without a shred of intellectual humility.

On Twitter, @ReaganBattalion put together some clips from Nye’s appalling new show on Netflix as well as some old interview footage. He has clearly gone over the edge. On his new show, Nye openly supports the idea of “penalizing” people in the developed world for having “extra children.” I’m not sure how he defines “extra.”

Some of the radical zero population growth nutters want families having no more than two kids each. At this point I wouldn’t at all be surprised if Nye shared those unscientific views. The “population bomb” nonsense has proven to be little more than hysteria, which is probably where climate change will end up unless crazies like Bill Nye prevail over common sense and liberty.

Punishing parents for having children is arguably a human rights violation. From there it’s a short hop to China’s one child policy and state mandated abortions. Bill Nye might cheer the current gender fluidity fad and the perversion revolution, but make no mistake, he is an enemy of freedom.


Another portion of the video shows Nye taking seriously the notion that climate change skeptics should be jailed like war criminals. He arrogantly points to cases where people were jailed after being proven guilty of fraud, as if his cockamamie claims about mankind being 100% at fault for climate change are beyond doubt.

He should be put in the same category as radicals like Ezekiel Emanuel who advocates that everyone should die at the age of seventy for economic reasons. He is like Peter Singer, the Princeton “ethicist” who thinks animals have more rights than people and that parents should be allowed to euthanize their “defective” children.

Don’t let the goofball exterior fool you. Bill Nye is dangerous.



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