Conservative Watchdog Group Says White House Visitor Log Secrecy 'Undermines the Rule of Law'

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch released a statement today about the Trump administration’s policy of keeping White House visitor logs secret.

“Judicial Watch is disappointed with the Trump White House decision to keep secret the names of White House visitors.  Unfortunately, this move is perfectly in line with the policy of the Obama White House to prevent these visitors logs from being processed and released under the Freedom of Information Act.  President Trump should simply allow the Secret Service to apply FOIA to its White House visitor logs. The Secret Service can protect the personal privacy of some visitors while upholding the rule of law.   This new secrecy policy undermines the rule of law and suggests this White House doesn’t want to be accountable to the American people.”


Judicial Watch is the group who is responsible for revealing Hillary Clinton’s email server malfeasance. Without their FOIA requests aimed at getting to the truth behind the Benghazi attack, Hillary’s private email server might never have been discovered.

According to White House Communications Director Michael Dubke the visitor logs actually will be available through FOIA, but he stretched the truth a bit in praising the this administration’s transparency.

“By instituting historic restrictions on lobbying to close the revolving door, expanding and elevating ethics within the White House counsel’s office, and opening the White House press briefing room to media outlets that otherwise cannot gain access, the Trump administration has broken new ground in ensuring our government is both ethical and accessible to the American people,” Dubke said.

The White House press briefing room  was opened to uncritical media outlets who are shamelessly pro-Trump. That hardly qualifies as an improvement in transparency. The pro-Trump propagandists are taking up space that could be occupied by legitimate journalists.

“Given the grave national security risks and privacy concerns of the hundreds of thousands of visitors annually, the White House Office will disclose Secret Service logs as outlined under the Freedom of Information Act, a position the Obama White House successfully defended in federal court,” he continued.


Trump defenders will undoubtedly accept this line of reasoning, but I can’t help but think that they would be outraged if the same actions were taken by a Hillary Clinton administration.


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