'Mad as Hell' - Lawrence Jones Unloads on Mayor Ras Baraka for Comparing Illegal Aliens to Fugitive Slaves (Video)

People on the left routinely draw false moral equivalence when debating most issues, but it is especially the case when the topic is illegal immigration. Over the weekend, Mayor Ras Baraka of Newark, New Jersey floated a whopper that could only make sense to someone who is historically illiterate.


Baraka thinks people who choose to reside in the United States illegally are like fugitive slaves brought here against their will and that sanctuary cities are the modern day equivalent to the Underground Railroad.

The Blaze’s Lawrence Jones was interviewed by Fox and Friends’ Brian Kilmeade this morning and said he was “a little upset about this.” And by that he meant he was “mad as hell.”

“It took a a Constitutional amendment for black slaves to be free, after coming here unwillingly, so how can they continue to make this comparison when these people can go home at any time. ANY TIME.”

Jones then delivered a history lesson to Baraka, the Congressional Black Caucus, and anyone else abetting their crazy talking points.

“And where’s the Congressional Black Caucus? Listen, Brian. Freedom is not free. Okay? People paid a price for black slaves to become American citizens. There was no free health care. There was no food stamps. There was no government assistance. You didn’t get paid for your labor.”

“These people get here, get a job. They get free health care. They get government assistance, in-state tuition, and all the other things that other Americans get. I think it’s unfair. I am shocked that a black man and the Congressional Black Caucus are silent on this. It is unacceptable.”


Taking aim at sanctuary cities, Lawrence had this to say.

“These people are obstructing the law. They need to be held accountable. This is not the Underground Railroad as many liberals are now calling this. This is pure obstruction. If you want to be a citizen in this great country, you need to go through the process. Freedom ain’t free, brother.”

Amen to that.


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