Chaffetz: Trump Administration So Far Not Cooperating with Benghazi Investigation

The terrorist attack in Benghazi and the private email server she kept as Secretary of State were Donald Trump’s go-to lines on the campaign trail when he riled up his crowds by castigating “Crooked Hillary.” Since his inauguration, Trump has already reneged on investigating Clinton for her email shenanigans. Now it looks like he’s not too interested in the Benghazi investigation either.


Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT), the House Oversight Committee chairman says that in terms of working with his committee, the Trump administration is “not off to a great start.”

Chaffetz said then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton fought to withhold information that related to the Benghazi investigation, adding that the investigation is “still not done” because of the State Department’s reluctance to provide his committee with the necessary information.

But Chaffetz also expressed frustration at the Trump administration for not providing his committee with documents related to the Benghazi investigation. He said President Trump’s grace period for filling top positions and working with his committee will expire next month.

“The documentation, subpoenas and letters still have not been fulfilled. And I buy the idea that there should be some time to get new people in place, but as we turn the corner into April, there’s a huge attitude adjustment that is happening in the Oversight Committee,” Chaffetz said.


This is another situation that I think puts the lie to the “he’s not a politician” slogan that is always thrown around in support of Trump. Politicians routinely make promises on the campaign trail that they never intend on keeping once elected. That description fits Trump perfectly with regard to his promises to investigate Clinton.

All those people who chanted “lock her up” at Trump rallies expected some sort of justice, or at least the pursuit thereof. By now they are probably too invested in Trump to admit to care about broken promises.


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