Stuart Varney Goes Ballistic Over Republican 'Disgrace'

Earlier this month Fox Business Channel host Stuart Varney seemed like he just wanted Republicans to just get the AHCA out of the way and move on to tax reform. I really got the impression that he didn’t even care what was in the bill and just wanted a deal made so they could get to what he thought was more important.


Now The Hill is reporting that Varney went ballistic at the news that the President has asked he house to pull the Obamacare reshuffle and rename bill.

“I personally believe at this moment in time the Republican Party is a disgrace,” Varney declared during an interview with Juan Williams, a Fox News and The Hill contributor. “I’m serious. I am serious.”

“We elected the Republicans who run the House, the Senate, and the White House and the very, very first thing that comes up on the legislative agenda they vote no, they’re split. They can’t do it. They can’t govern. I am really fit to be tied.”

It appears from that statement that Varney is primarily blaming the “no” votes rather than the authors of the bill. The inability to govern doesn’t come from the people who would vote “no” but rather from the party leadership’s bait and switch tactics. They promised to repeal Obamacare. For seven years they’ve promised it. They have even voted to do exactly that on multiple occasions.

Finally given a real chance to deliver the coup de grâce to Obamacare, they decided it was time to step back and rethink it.


“Peanut chucking” Democrats didn’t escape Varney’s wrath though.

Varney also took aim at Democrats for “chucking peanuts from the sidebar” in creating ObamaCare in the first place.

“I’m really disgusted at the Democrats as well,” said Varney. “You guys totally screwed up ObamaCare. Totally screwed up 15 percent of the American economy. Now all you’re doing is just chucking peanuts from the sidebar there, and making fun of the mess you have made.”

“This is what happens when the government gets involved in healthcare. Get out of it!”

And this whole fiasco happened because Donald Trump and Paul Ryan, despite seven years of GOP promises, tried their darnedest to keep government involved in health care.



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