President Trump Blames Lack of Democrat Support for Failure of AHCA

Democrats may be to blame for the health care system being a steaming pile of fail right now, but the demise of the flaccid attempt at tweaking Obamacare instead of just repealing it outright is all on the Speaker Ryan and President Trump.


President Trump disagrees.

Of course he does.

What seems like only minutes ago, Trump was blaming fellow Republicans and threatening to support primary opponents running against any Republican who didn’t go along with the AHCA.

The President told reporters a bunch of stuff he just made up right on the spot.

Trump told reporters Friday that he would be “open to it” if Democrats wanted to work on a bipartisan measure. He predicted the current law would soon collapse.

The president says he has a great relationship with the Republican Party and isn’t going to speak badly about GOP lawmakers. Still, he said he was a little surprised by the bill’s rejection from the conservatives in the House Freedom Caucus.

Trump also said he “never said repeal and replace it within 64 days,” though he repeatedly promised during the campaign to do it on Day One of his term.


For now. Because “unity” or something.


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