In 'Layman's Terms' Shaun King Is Dumber Than a Sack of Really Dumb Hammers

Fake black person, Shaun King took to Twitter today and put his Constitutional ignorance on display for more than a half a million followers.  King bills himself as a “senior justice writer” for the New York Daily News. (It’s hard not to imagine something The Tick would say. “He writes, with the ink of JUSTICE!”)


King is one of the myriad leftists in media who has been wetting the bed since Trump was inaugurated. Every day there is some new imagined threat to the Constitution, which guys like King have apparently never even read.

People like this are especially annoying to those of us with legitimate concerns about Trump. Their panic stricken squealing only serves to make Trump look reasonable in comparison.

Here we go.

To truly grasp how much dumb went into that single tweet you have to consider that there are other people who decided that King is qualified to write for a somewhat major newspaper about anything other than how a white guy can pretend to be a black guy. It takes a village to post a tweet that stupid.

A political columnist with such a tenuous grasp on how politics (or reality) works that he has to ask Twitter how we elect presidents should be mortified. King isn’t even smart enough to realize how embarrassed he should feel.

It has been almost six weeks now. How much longer can the Republic possibly survive? We have never experienced such hardship and uncertainty as a nation.

Layman’s terms? Who is this guy kidding? He’s not writing in layman’s terms. He couldn’t even read layman’s terms without access to Wikipedia. He needs several semesters of remedial classes and a good deprogramming before he’ll even be able to start learning how to use layman’s terms.


He is telling people that it is imperative that Trump be removed from office in order to save an imaginary democracy. He’s desperate to save America but he has no clue what the hell America even is.

He has never read (or at least never comprehended) the Constitution but he’s all for amending it all because his candidate lost. And he has the audacity to accuse others of being a threat to democracy. The threat to democracy here is the stupidity that now passes for rational thought in the left stream media.

It has become cliche to joke about how much our country has come to resemble the society portrayed in the satirical movie Idiocracy. The joke is tired but the truth behind it is still valid. I’m not going to argue that some of that isn’t on Trump, but a whole lot of it is on guys like Shaun King and the people around him who pretend that he isn’t a complete dunderhead.




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