Can You Believe What Don Cheadle Tweeted About Trump's Past Racism?

Actor Don Cheadle (Hotel Rwanda, Iron Man 2 & 3) is not a fan of President Trump. According to a series of tweets today his dislike goes beyond politics. Cheadle says his hatred for Trump stems from crass, racist and sexist behavior witnessed by a friend’s father at a golf tournament Trump in which Trump was playing.


I know many out there will say this didn’t happen, despite Trump demonstrating time and again that he’s capable of saying awful things. Others will argue that, even if he did say something like this, it doesn’t matter because he’s not a professional politician or something.

It’s hearsay at best so take it for what its worth.

Naturally there were some knee-jerk Trumpers eager to argue or get snarky about it. Cheadle didn’t rise to the bait but stuck to his story.


Wait, but Hillary is racist too so it all cancels out.

Cheadle wasn’t trying to prove anything. He was just saying when and why he started to dislike Trump. He clearly didn’t care what the cross-examining Twitter-house lawyers believed or didn’t believe.

Saying his story is fabricated is a technically valid opinion since there isn’t any proof, though despite being on the left, Cheadle has shown himself to be more levelheaded than some among his Hollywood brethren. I have no reason to believe he is saying something he doesn’t believe to be true. I really have no reason to believe it isn’t true. Trump has given me more reasons to believe it than to not believe it.


Does it matter at this point? Not in any tangible way. Trump’s lack of character was well documented prior to Election Day. People just didn’t care but winning an election doesn’t absolve him of bad behavior, it just shows that people let him get away with it.

Like it or not, Trump is still that guy.



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