Did Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Keith Ellison Participate in Ovation for Gold Star Widow?

I really don’t get bent out of shape over members of congress expressing disagreement on policy during Presidential speeches. Sometimes I think we would be much better off if there wasn’t so much feigned civility and people spoke their minds once in a while.  This is different. Not participating in an ovation for the widow of Navy SEAL Ryan Owens, a man who gave his life for this country is not only rude, it’s dishonorable.


Erin Burnett on CNN tried to instigate something between Conway and Schultz by framing Conway’s “Hope this is not true” as an accusation. After showing a video where Schultz and Ellison appeared to reluctantly stand after everyone else had, Burnett actually asked Schultz if Conway had apologized to her. Hoping something isn’t true doesn’t seem like something for which an apology is required, but remember this is CNN and a congresswoman who has been caught lying about her own lying.

The video posted by Mark Simone clearly shows that they must have sat down long before the rest of those present for the speech. Neither video seems to show the pair of Democrats applauding.

Debbie Wassermann Schultz accusing anyone, even Donald Trump, of being untruthful is absurd on the face of it. Her documented history of dishonesty is extensive. Most recently she had to resign from her job as the DNC Chair in disgrace after emails showed her colluding with the press in favor of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders in the Democratic Primary.

Debbie’s tribute to the wife of a fallen Navy SEAL was if anything brief and barely pro forma or else it wouldn’t have led anyone to believe that she hadn’t participated at all. She really has no right to be offended here and CNN’s blatant attempt to cover for her is disgusting.

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