Like Clockwork: Pundits Call CPAC Homophobic for Disinviting Milo

Given the state of right of center politics today, it should be no surprise that something stupid would happen in the build up to CPAC. Issuing a speaking invitation to Milo Yiannopoulos via bungee cord certainly takes that honor. It should be no surprise that the rival tribes would seize upon the goof up as a reason to play the bigotry card.


Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs hit the pre-programmed criticism right on the nose. Any opposition to someone who happens to be gay exists only because he is gay. It’s the flip side to any opposition to Obama on any issue was only because he is black. The left are big on flopping down slogans, not so big on thinking.

This was basically an instance of CPAC being too hasty to jump on the bandwagon. They didn’t do due diligence before inviting a speaker and got surprised by some things a lot of people hadn’t heard until this week. That they invited him in the first place shows that Johnson is full of it. That Johnson blames it on homophobia sounds a lot like he’s saying pedophilia or ephebophilia  are part and parcel of being gay.

Johnson continued on with a pile of criticism against Milo which I can only assume is driven by the fact that Milo is gay and Johnson is homophobic. Right?


Even Matt Drudge got in on the action with this not so subtle front page layout.

CPAC cut Milo from their speaker lineup because he’s a gay man and a child abuse victim! Look at those innocent puppy dog eyes. Suddenly the guy who fleeces the Trumpservatives by being politically incorrect to the social justice crowd is in need of a safe space from conservative bigotry.

This is all just embarrassing.



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