Trump Brings up Nuclear War with Russia During Press Conference to Announce Labor Secretary Pick

President Trump’s rambling press conference today is getting a lot of attention, especially from the offended members of the media. Most of the press conference consisted of Trump shooting from the hip and randomly delving into topics like nuclear holocaust.


Yes, nuclear holocaust. The President told reporters that “Nuclear holocaust would be like no other.”

No other what? No other form of holocaust, I suppose. I can tell you, it would be a tremendous holocaust. Believe me. 

Trump taking the current controversies involving Russia straight to global nuclear holocaust isn’t something that should surprise anyone at this point.

The media is lamenting this presser as a total disaster, mostly because Trump was more focused on taking shots at them than he was with the announcement he showed up to give. By now they should know that Trump is impervious to disastrous speaking engagements. When he’s not reading from a script events like this inevitably become one long brain fart but it never hurts him with his loyal followers.




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