Embarrassing: Conway Sends Valentine's Day Love to a White Nationalist, Blames Staffer

Yesterday Jay Caruso questioned whether Kellyanne Conway is a liar or being played for a fool.

Now I’m wondering whether she’s trying to play us for fools.


Conway sent some Valentine’s Day love to someone who tweeted encouragement to her. Nothing wrong with that, right? Normally there wouldn’t be but when the encouraging message came from someone who self identifies as a white nationalist in their Twitter bio, it’s probably not a good idea.

Here’s what she tweeted this afternoon, presumably referring to the current controversy over her ill-advised sales pitch for Ivanka Trump’s brand.

She got a reply from someone with the handle @TrumpTrainNoBrk.


Conway’s reply has been deleted but not before people were able to grab screenshots. Here’s what she said to @TrumpTrainNoBrk:

“Love you back. Happy ❤️❤️ Day to the Hapless Haters”

Here’s the Twitter bio of the person she “loved back.”



I guess you can’t fault her for sending love to someone with a #SteveBannon hashtag in their bio but the #WhiteIdentity paired with #Nationalist or maybe the Pepe the Frog emoji should have given her pause.

When called out by Buzzfeed, Conway denounced @TrumpTrainNoBrk (aka LibHypocrisy)  and deleted the tweet, implying that it had been sent by a staff member. Actually she implied that it could have been one of several staff members because she said she had to find out who it was.

“I’ve never heard of Lib Hypocrisy obviously. I denounce whoever it is. I’m going to find out who’s tweeting it. It will be immediately deleted. Everybody makes mistakes,” Conway said.

Personally I don’t believe for a second that she needed to “find out” who sent heart emojis to a white nationalist. She works for a president who tweets for himself and we’re supposed to believe she has a team of staffers running her Twitter account? Her statement is almost as believable as when Anthony Weiner claimed his Twitter account had been hacked.

If we give her the benefit of the doubt here, it means that she hired a completely incompetent staffer. This is an administration that should be well aware of the pitfalls of irresponsible interactions on Twitter. Having a social media staffer who is unaware of how the alt-right has changed the landscape on the platform seems less likely than Conway hastily tapping out the tweet herself.


Let’s recall that just a few days ago Conway received all the credit for a tweet poleaxing Hillary Clinton. Was this the same unknown staffer?

Whether or not Kellyanne Conway sent the tweet personally, she made a big mistake here by not owning the mistake herself instead of deflecting the blame to an unnamed underling. It’s already difficult enough to trust what comes out of this administration and its surrogates. People who lie about small things will lie about big things. .



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