Hannity and Scavino Display Their Total Lack of Substance in Spat with Scarborough

Hannity and Scavino Display Their Total Lack of Substance in Spat with Scarborough

Scavino, Hannity and Scarborough. That sounds like a bad law firm or an even worse folk music trio, but they’re just three guys who are emblematic of how petty and juvenile politics has become. This is Twitter in the age of Trump.

Naturally it all starts with a tweet from President Trump. It seems like everything does these days. Trump took to Twitter yesterday to congratulate  Stephen Miller for his performance defending the regime on the Sunday talk shows. Miller came across like a pre-programmed, little fascist, which is probably why Trump praised him.

Pseudo-conservative MSNBC host Joe Scarborough chimed in with a bland attempt at humor. Scarborough wasted this opportunity for genuine criticism, but he’s not wrong.

Even a mediocre joke like that was unacceptable for Donald Trump’s favorite colon polyp, Sean Hannity, who attacked Scarborough instead of defending Miller’s awfulness. That he says “I’ll take Steve Miller on my team…” is telling. Hannity makes no more pretense at being a pundit or commentator. He’s on the team.


The Fox News and radio talker seemed to be channelling his dear leader by resorting immediately to ad hominem attacks about Scarborough’s level of media success. We’ve seen this method used by Trump to attack anyone from online pundits to sitting Senators and Congressmen who dares criticize him. That Hannity would start to ape Trump’s behavior is not surprising, since he has long since abandoned any sort of objectivity with regard to the President.

Then the whole debacle circles back to the White House with known jackass, Dan Scavino Jr., who now serves as the White House social media director. Here is what your tax dollars are paying him to do.

To be fair, we should congratulate Scavino on at least not saying “Hannity pwns jealous Joe.” in this context. That shows a trace of professionalism. And at least there was no Pepe the Frog meme included. One is still left to wonder why the White House even needs a social media director when they have Hannity doing the job free of charge.




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