PA Lawmaker Challenges Trump on Civil Asset Forfeiture, Uses Greatest Insult Ever

A Pennsylvania Democrat lashed out at President Trump on Twitter and to be honest, he’s not wrong.

When I saw this tweet my first thought was: that is a fabulously creative insult to salt away for possible future use. (Plagiarism is the highest form of flattery when it comes to hilarious put downs.)


My second thought was: imagine if some state level Republican sent a tweet like this to Obama in the first few weeks of his presidency. The racism narrative would bubble up to the highest levels within the Republican Party and every prominent GOPer would be expected to answer for the uncivil and violent rhetoric. The pearl clutching would be so intense that media concern trolls would be left with hands full of dust.

Then upon reading the context, I had to agree at least in part with State Senator Daylin Leach. The colorful outburst came in response to a conversation between President Trump and Rockwell County Texas Sheriff Harold Eavenson. The Sheriff mentioned a state politician trying to reform civil asset forfeiture and Trump—allegedly joking—asked for the politician’s name so he could “destroy his career.”

Law enforcement can use civil asset forfeiture to take cash and property from individuals suspected of committing a crime without charging the individual or a guilty verdict.

Eavenson brought up to Trump an unnamed senator who was discussing introducing legislation that would require a conviction before law enforcement could seize forfeiture money, joking that “the cartel would build a monument” to the senator in Mexico for passing said legislation.

“Who is the state senator? Do you want to give his name? We’ll destroy his career,” Trump replied, according to Politico.


This is when Leach called Trump an excrement-monkey and challenged the President to come after him too.

It would be easy to dismiss Trump’s comments as a joke if he hadn’t already proven that he’s not above being vindictive man-child. He may have

That he would even joke about destroying someone’s career because they oppose living in a police state where the government can seize private property at gunpoint without granting the property owner due process shows that no matter how many times Sean Hannity says it, Trump is no conservative, least of all a constitutional conservative.

Leach appears to be a left wing Democrat so I probably wouldn’t agree with him on much, but in this case I think he’s on the money.

Maybe Trump isn’t exactly loofa-faced though.


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