Katie Couric Explains to Ellen How Female Fetuses Can 'Feel' That They Are Male

Will Planned Parenthood make Katie Couric appear in a hostage video after this?

The chirpy Yahoo News anchor was delivering a biology dissertation on the Ellen show about how unpredictable gender can be. (It’s apparently a total crap shoot and genetics don’t matter.) Over the course of the discussion Katie explains how a female fetus can feel male.


Wait, fetuses can feel stuff? Have you told your pals at Planned Parenthood? I thought that was just a myth created by superstitious religionists and uptight people opposed to female sexuality or something.

Newsbusters has the video:

Katie Couric sympathizes with the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood. But when it comes to gender, she admits that the unborn can “feel.”

Last week, Ellen DeGeneres invited Yahoo anchor Katie Couric on her show to discuss her “incredible” upcoming National Geographic documentary, Gender Revolution, which confronts “gender identity in this country.” And, according to her, even the unborn can feel a different gender.

So since we’re supposed to believe that it is better for a baby to be killed than to be born “unplanned” or into a

“In the later stages of development, it’s when your brain is wired, and sometimes a surge of testosterone can make… a female fetus feel as if that baby is male or that person is male,” she said. “And the opposite, if there’s not enough testosterone.”

“It’s so interesting,” she concluded. “But it’s really about biology and people don’t realize that.”


Isn’t Science! amazing? Especially the part where you don’t have to pollute your ideology with results that suggest you’re wrong.


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