Oh My: Hysterical George Takei Goes Ballistic on Trump

Star Trek’s George Takei is the latest celebrity to publicly go nuts over Donald Trump’s first weeks in the White House. His venue was the editorial page of the NY Daily News.

Donald Trump is the chaos President — and it’s time that he resign.

He has failed this country in less than two weeks on the job, decimating sacred American ideals and sparking momentous protests in our streets and airports.

A rational person would realize that the “momentous protests” are not organic gatherings. Eight years of having a community organizer as President and so many people still don’t understand that such protests are artificially created astroturf. They were planned long before Trump ever signed an executive order. This is machine politics at work.

Takei is just a willing dupe parroting the latest Democrat party talking points.

His executive order selectively banning people from seven Muslim-majority countries as well as vulnerable refugees goes against the Constitution.

It clearly places a religious litmus test at the border, with minority religious groups receiving preferential treatment over their Muslim counterparts.

Acting Attorney General Sally Yates made a courageous and principled stand against the egregious order, and Trump’s ego couldn’t take it. He fired her.

Somebody check to see if that isn’t lifted right from crocodile-tear stained, Chuck Schumer press release.

He is ignorant of history and facts and has no interest in learning. He reacts based on his emotion and his “alternative facts.”

The executive order does not do what so many on the left insist that it does so it’s silly to see anyone on the left accuse anyone of refusing to learn or look at the facts. For people like Takei, whether something is a “fact” is determined not by whether a statement is actually true, but by who is best served politically if people believe it to be.

Takei’s editorial devolves into some sincere and justified feelings from his experiences during World War II when Japanese Americans were rounded up and put into camps by Democrat icon President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The problem is that he himself is reacting based on emotion and not facts. He’s projecting his fears not analyzing the situation.

Trump for many people is the anti-Obama. For people on the left, Obama was the vessel into which they placed all their hopes and dreams of a utopian society. Whether he delivered on any of it was irrelevant. Now that he’s gone Trump is the vessel for all their fears and paranoia. I’m the first to admit I have a lot of problems with Trump—they haven’t been erased by a few positive moves in his first weeks as President—but as many of us here at RedState have written, the reactions from the left are dishonest and disproportionate. George Takei’s is no different.


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