Youth Group Attending March For Life Violently Attacked in D.C.

Welcome to the nation’s capitol.

A youth ministry group from Texas came to Washington D.C. to participate in the March for Life and ended up having to fight for their own last night.

The youth group visiting from Fort Worth, Texas says they are familiar with where they are staying in Southeast, D.C., because they have stayed at the Assumption Catholic Church for the past three years. But it wasn’t until Wednesday night that they’ve ever had an issue.

The violent encounter was enough to make the ministry group reconsider their routine while staying at the church. The attack lasted for about 20 seconds, and in that short amount of time a group of teens was about to do some serious damage.

The group had exited the Metro at the Congress Heights stop and were walking back to the church where they were staying when one of their adult chaperones was attacked.

“Broken nose, fractured eye socket, the other adult leader as far we can tell some type of concussion, he just remembers having dinner details are fuzzy after that,” said someone familiar with the groups conditions.

The rest of the group jumped in to render assistance but were met with more violence.

The groups attempted to help the chaperone, but they were met by the teens with a knife. The victims received help by a nearby firehouse, and they say despite the scare and physical injuries they’ll still be out Friday on the National Mall for the March for Life.

No arrests have been made.