There Is Only One Reason Why People Want to Abolish the Electoral College

Ever since Donald Trump won the election, sore loser Democrats of every stripe have been promulgating the “popular vote” narrative in order to foment the kind of division that is their bread and identity politics butter. Calls for abolishing the Electoral College from everyone from the average brain-dead Vox reader all the way up to elected U.S. Senators who (probably) know better but prefer to keep their supporters ignorant. Any honest person would admit that much of the current “controversy” about the Electoral College would not exist if a Democrat had won the election while receiving fewer overall votes on election day, but the controversy can only exist when people fundamentally misunderstand or reject what America is.


We have covered this here at RedState from many different angles already but as Barack Obama might say, let me be clear. The is only one reason reasonably informed people would want to abolish the Electoral College. They hate America. 

America is a union of individual states. In fact, you may have even heard it called The United States of America on occasion.

America is not a democracy. It is a union of individual democracies. As such America doesn’t have a national government. It has a federal government created by the states and authorized to carry out certain functions beneficial to the whole union. In order for such a union to remain viable, the member states must have a reasonably equal say in how the union is governed.

The federal government is subject to the states, not the other way around, therefore the federal government’s chief executive, the President, is elected by the states. The popular vote totals across across all fifty states and some territories is not a number with any real meaning because the President is not elected by the individual citizens of the United States but by the states themselves. Generally each state democratically determines which candidate will get its support in the Electoral College.


Abolishing the Electoral College is basically abolishing America. It is abolishing the union. You don’t abolish something you love. If you hate the Electoral College then you either hate America or you don’t know what America is.

Let’s conduct a thought experiment. Assume that Democrats were somehow able to abolish the Electoral College by fiat and have all future Presidents elected by popular vote across the whole country. That means all future Presidential elections will be decided by only a few urban areas of concentrated population. The states outside those population centers would for all intents and purposes cease to have any real say over who the President is.

You can’t logically call the Electoral College unfair or archaic without also saying the same thing about the United States Senate. After all, why should Delaware or Rhode Island have the same number of Senators as California or New York? If you want to eliminate one and not the other, you’re a hypocrite because the Senate is designed like it is for similar reasons.

We eventually end up with a President chosen by the majority of the country with no consideration for the individual states. We would have no Senate, or if we did the number of Senators would have to be proportional to the population. We would have a tyranny of the majority.


In that situation what incentive would states like Montana, Nebraska, Wyoming, Nevada, etc. have to even remain part of the union?

How long will people allow themselves to be ruled by someone thousands of miles away with a totally different set of priorities?

Wait. That sounds kind of familiar.


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