Martin O'Malley Equates Republicans with Nazis and KKK, Then Serenades Utah With Commie Anthem

The Utah Democratic Party must not be doing well if Martin O’Malley is the best they could get to give the keynote speech at its annual gala.

You may remember O’Malley as the guy who was polling below certain cartoon characters in the 2016 Democratic Primary. It was an uphill climb for him just to make it known that he was running. In front of the Utah Dems, the smarmy former Maryland Governor ratcheted up the hyperbole by likening Democrats to Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther King in contrast to the Republicans’ Nazis and Ku Klux Klan. Maybe he thinks he has a shot at reviving his Presidential dreams now that Hillary is out of the picture.


He’s a total jackleg politician but, even worse, he’s completely unoriginal.

It’s always fun when leftists try to act as if “Nazi” isn’t an abbreviation for “national socialist.

O’Malley conveniently ignores the fact that his party started the KKK. Naturally he also fails to mention that his zero tolerance policies as Mayor of Baltimore led to the unlawful arrests of hundreds of black men in the city. The Baltimore riots in 2015 in response to the Freddie Gray case only burned because as mayor, O’Malley stockpiled the kindling. He is the worst sort of leftist demagogue. He created the problems for which he condemns others. When it comes to the racial tensions that flared up during the last eight years, O’Malley’s hands are dirtier than any Republican’s.

In addition to being a bad governor and a terrible mayor, O’Malley fancies himself a musician and has long forced Marylanders to listen to his caterwauling and indulge his need for attention. Utahns got a taste of that when the busking doofus serenaded them with Woodie Guthrie’s famous commie anthem.


At least he kept his shirt on.


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