Mel Gibson and Vince Vaughn's reaction to Meryl Streep is Hilariously Fitting

I didn’t watch the Golden Globes last night. Or any night ever, for that matter. (If you saw RedState’s “unpopular opinions” post you knew that already.) The thing about Hollywood’s regularly televised mutual admiration society meetings is that you don’t have to actually watch them in order to be subjected to the political lunacy spoken there.


Meryl Streep as one would expect went on a ramble of self righteousness when it was her turn at the podium and the reaction was as predictable as her speech. Even President-elect Trump did his signature schtick of denigrating the talent and success of anyone who criticizes him.

This clip from last night is pretty hilarious though. It’s very brief but without saying a word, their faces summed up what most of America probably thought of Meryl Streep’s pontifications.

I know Gibson has given himself a bad reputation with his anti-semitic outbursts. I tend to think he’s struggling with some sort mental illness rather than simply being a bigot, but in any case the pair who worked together on the film Hacksaw Ridge certainly don’t fit the Hollywood leftist stereotype.


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