Last Ditch Whining From Outgoing Obama Administration: GOP 'Rubber Stamping' Trump Nominees

Trump isn’t even the President yet but Obama administration mouthpiece Josh Earnest is already accusing the GOP majority in the Senate of “rubber stamping” Trump’s nominees.


The White House blasted Senate Republicans Monday for “rubber-stamping” the nominees of President-elect Donald Trump before the government completes ethics reviews for some of the appointees.

“It does appear now that Republicans in the Senate are forming their own ‘cheap suit’ caucus — they are folding and rubber-stamping the nominees of the incoming Trump administration,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest. “The Republicans in the Senate are failing in their effort to advise and consent.”

The “empty suit” administration is now snarking about a “cheap suit” caucus.

He said the Obama administration “never asked for a nominee to get a hearing” until the Office of Government Ethics had completed a review of a candidate’s background.

Basically the Press Secretary for the nominal leader of the free world is saying “Hey, no fair.”

But, how did these allegedly high ethical standards manifest themselves in the Obama administration?

There was a Secretary of State (and failed presidential candidate) whose ethical problems have been making headlines for 30 years and was most recently under FBI investigation for going mustang with her official government emails.

Then there was the Attorney General embroiled in a botched “gun walking” scheme that led to the death of U.S. Border Patrol agents and another AG who all but spiked an investigation into the aforementioned Secretary of State after meeting with the Secretary’s husband on an airport tarmac.


We can’t forget the IRS Commissioner who presided over and condoned the hamstringing of conservative non-profits opposed to Obama’s agenda.

Those are just a few of the ethically challenged members of the Obama administration. It doesn’t even include the “Czar” positions that didn’t require confirmation, like his “Green Jobs Czar” who was an ex-con and self described communist.

Suffice it to say, the Obama administration expressing concerns over anyone else’s ethics is the worst sort of plastic demagoguery, but Earnest is a loyal little toady willing to say anything his betters tell him to.

While the office has finished its examination of some of Mr. Trump’s nominees, others will undergo confirmation hearings this week without their ethics reviews completed.

“It sounds like a lot of Americans who voted to drain the swamp aren’t getting what they voted for, even before their guy takes office,” Mr. Earnest said.

That may be true, but it is gross hypocrisy coming from a current swamp dweller .




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