'Man' Sues Catholic Hospital For Denying to Perform Hysterectomy on 'Him'

A “man” in New Jersey has filed a lawsuit against a Catholic hospital for their refusal to remove “his” uterus.



There may may come when America wakes up and realizes it’s abetting mental illness—nay, institutionalizing it (and not in the way that would make sense). Today is obviously not that day.

A transgender New Jersey man filed a federal lawsuit accusing a Roman Catholic hospital of discrimination after it cited religion to deny him a hysterectomy procedure deemed medically necessary for his gender transition.

Jionni Conforti in 2014 was diagnosed with gender dysphoria and has long suffered depression and anxiety stemming from the need to identify as male — his true sex, according to the complaint.

First, if you have a uterus, male is probably not your true sex. The dysphoria that medical professionals should be treating is that of a woman who believes she is not a woman. Instead we have culturally mandated the abandonment of biology and the application of pseudoscience. The irony here is that the people who are leading us down this path are more than likely the same people who would attack the Catholic Church for being anti-science.

If someone thinks he’s Napoleon, you wouldn’t treat him by helping him overthrow the government of France. If someone believes he is a an elephant, you wouldn’t treat him by surgically attaching a trunk to his face. If a woman thinks she’s a man (or vice versa) this is basically what happens though. Delusion is treated as truth because not to do so is offensive to the delusional.

After undergoing a double mastectomy, the 33-year-old Totowa man received the recommendation that he receive a hysterectomy — the surgical removal of his uterus and cervix — to treat his condition and reduce the risk of cancer related to the hormone treatments he was receiving.

Radical surgery and aggressive hormone treatments are actions aimed at erasing this person’s true sex.

“I felt completely disrespected as a person,” Conforti said after the treatment was denied. “That’s not how any hospital should treat any person regardless of who they are. A hospital is a place where you should feel safe and taken care of. Instead I felt like I was rejected and humiliated.”

You have been disrespected. No medical professional should be reinforcing the symptoms of your mental illness.

Conforti was initially approved for the surgery by staff at St. Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, only to be met with an email denying him the procedure when he tried to schedule it a week later, according to the complaint.

The medical center refused to perform the surgery based on its religious affiliations

“This is to follow up to your e-mail inquiring about scheduling a total hysterectomy here at St. Joseph’s to remove all female parts based on medical necessity for Gender Reassignment,” the email read. “This is to inform you that as a Catholic hospital we would not be able to allow your surgeon to schedule this surgery here at St. Joseph’s.”

The surgery was performed at a different hospital but the lawsuit is still going forward because disagreeing with someone’s delusions is not good for diversity, or something.

And while Conforti received his surgery a few months later at a different facility, he said he still felt the sting of betrayal from the medical facility he grew up attending. Citing the problem of suicides in the transgender community, Conforti said he’s pursuing the suit so that no one has to face a similar experience.

People don’t bat an eye anymore when doctors recommend mutilating a woman because she thinks she’s a man. Let a Church act as if they actually believe in their religion and people lose their minds.

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