Last Minute Gift Idea - Solid Gold Diamond Encrusted Donald Trump Smartphone

If you’re scrambling to find the perfect Christmas gift for a special someone, you may still have time to get one of these Fed-exed from Dubai.


This phone is so tacky it would look right at home in the President-elect’s godawful Trump Tower apartment.

Goldgenie, a luxury goods company famous for gold-plating just about anything for its wealthy clients, has recently launched a unique Donald Trump-themed iPhone 7 made out of solid 24K gold and encrusted with diamonds. And the best part is that this gem costs only $151,000.

The Goldgenie retail store in Sharjah, a city near Dubai, came up with the idea for this unusual product after it was specifically requested by a Chinese woman, last month. Frank Fernando, managing director of Goldgenie, declined to identify the customer by name, but said that he believes her family wants to give it to Trump himself after his inauguration, as a present. Anyway, Goldgenie loved the idea so much that they made it available to their other clients as well.

I guess I can see some of the world’s super-rich spending a whopping $151,000 on a gold iPhone 7 embellished with over 450 VS1 white diamonds within the Apple logo and around its edges, but who would want Trump’s grinning face stamped on it? Well, it turns out that the idea was very inspired, as Goldgenie claims that it has had nine more orders for its unique Trump iPhone.

Only $151,000? Does that come with unlimited data? Probably not.

Actually if you set that thing down in Trump’s neo-Saddam Hussein decorated penthouse it would blend in so well you would never know where it was until it rang.

If this iPhone isn’t your style, GoldGenie will gold up all sorts of gaudy crap so you can let everyone know you’ve got way more money than you do common sense or good taste.

I’m thinking about what a great gift this would be for RedState managing editor Caleb Howe. If there’s anything he loves more than Trump, it’s super-expensive Apple products.


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