Jim Webb Blows Up Left's Popular Vote Narrative With One Tweet

The left continues to act as if the existence of the Electoral College and the fact that we don’t elect Presidents by popular vote are grave injusticec which they have only recently discovered and that we must now change. Their accomplices in the media have helped push the narrative by reporting on crackpot attempts to sway Electors into rejecting Trump or doomed efforts to eliminate the Electoral College from our Constitution as if they had any chance of succeeding.


At least one Democrat seems to have had enough of the nonsense already.

Former Democratic presidential candidate Jim Webb sent a rare tweet Tuesday, poking fun at former President Bill Clinton’s recent statement that he won the 1992 presidential election in a “landslide.”

Bill Clinton made comments earlier this week at a Q&A session comparing his election victory in 1992 with Trump’s.

Hillary and Donald ended on a civil high note to (I hope) set the tone for a peaceful transition. And then Bill said yesterday of president-elect Trump: “[he] doesn’t know much” but “one thing he does know is how to get angry, white men to vote for him.” Moreover, Bill blamed Comey for his wife’s loss and claimed that he won by much more in 1992 than Trump did a few weeks ago. “Landslide? I got something like 370 electoral votes. That was a landslide.

Trump may be exaggerating his victory if he calls it a landslide but not as much as Clinton is.  Former Navy Secretary and 2016 Democrat Primary candidate, Jim Webb pointed this out on Twitter yesterday.


You might argue, but that was a three way race! True, but even so, Bill Clinton won the White House twice while a whopping 57% of voters cast their ballots against him.

By the standards being applied by Democrats today, Bill Clinton’s election was probably the most illegitimate in recent history, but guess what? No Democrats uttered a single peep about Clinton’s meager 43% popular vote share not being convincing enough.

It almost seems as if their ethics and values are determined entirely by whatever benefits them politically at the time.


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